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Final Feedback Survey

After all five workshops were done, all participating students and teachers were asked to take a survey about their opinion of many different issues of the project

Exemplary results

The survey was done per school, but the results are very similar for every school. Therefore, the following diagrams taken from the Galician survey are given as an example.

Out of 21 returned surveys, everyone rates the project "good" or "very good". 20 students (95%) grade the improvement of their English language skills "medium" or better. 17 students (81%) feel closer to other European countries. One of the main aims of the project, the improvement of social skills, was "good" or "very good" for 75% of the students, while the utility of the workshops was graded positively by 62% of the students. Based on their experience with this project, 95% would recommend Erasmus projects to their peers.

This analysis clearly shows the overall success of the project, especially from the students' point of view, and motivates greatly the continuation of Erasmus+ projects in the participating schools.

All results in detail



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