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What is the Horizon to the Future project?

The "Horizon to the Future" project was a was a process for students and teachers to learn new skills and methods to monitor their selfknowlegdement, to reflect their career plans and get to know themselves better. Students were taught selfpresentation skills, conflict resolution skills and they were made aware how emotions influence us and what kind of skills one needs to be an entrepreneur. Our participants were from Joutsa/Finland, Montmélo/Spain, Cambre/Spain, Civitavecchia/Italy and Bitterfeld/Germany. We had 7-12 students and 2-3 teachers from each team in all of our 5 workshops. Our aim was to have sustainability in our work to teach teachers within these different methods and good practices, so that they can use them in their own work. All these materials are to be found in our eGuide: a guidebook in the web for every teacher to look.

For the management of the project we held 5 transnational meetings before every workshop, 1-4 members from each team was participating. We planned the upcoming workshop, evaluated the previous one and monitored the development of the project. In the end of the project we had a Final meeting in Joutsa, so that we could concluded the project, works together with the final report and evaluations, and to also make our product, the eGuide, public.

For more details, please see our homepage:

On behalf of our Horizon team,

Sanna Pienmäki
Joutsa, Finland