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Workshop Week No. 2 (Joutsa, Finland)

The second workshop week was held within the school Joutsan high school on April 11th - 15th, 2016.

Topic: Getting to Know Me and My Possibilities

Main aim was to present students different methods how to raise their selfawareness and to provide them excercises through which there are able to plan their career and educational choices. For this purpose we had different tasks, for example values and mindfullness workshops, lecture and task about learning styles and lots of group work.

For teachers we wanted to present our systems concerning counselling, Green Flag- and KiVa –school (mediation) and our co-operation with enterprises. Teachers joined the same workshops as students, but they had their own discussion groups for reflecting the theme with colleagues.

As a preliminary task, everyone were to monitor their own well-being by a "well-being diary".

In Finland we wanted to enhance students social interaction. Students lived in hostfamilies and we organized other groupactivities, which were the perfect methods for enhancing the social interaction and forming new relationships amongst students.

Specific workshops: Didactic plans, presentations and videos

Study Visits


Feedback surveys Workshop 2 (Joutsa, Finland) (summary)

Workshop Website (Documentation, photos)










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