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Workshop Week No. 3 (Bitterfeld, Germany)

The third workshop week was held within the school Europagymnasium "Walther Rathenau", Bitterfeld, on Octobre 24th - 28th, 2016.

Topic: Self Presentation and Communication

The aim of the project was to increase students motivation for future academic or occupational education and to give students new kinds of horizons for the future. They will get to know themselves better: they will become aware of their own strengths and also weaknesses more efficiently. This way students will be  enabled to find the suitable field of profession for themselves, and dropping out rates will be decreased.

In this context the issue of the Bitterfeld workshop week was self presentation and communication. The students learned how to present themselves for other people. They were trained in different methods and skills such as verbal and nonverbal communication, debating, self organisation, team skills, time management and self organisation.

Specific workshops: Didactic plans, presentations and videos


Feedback surveys Workshop 3 (Bitterfeld, Germany) (summary)

Workshop Website (Documentation, photos)















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